Sons of Anarchy fairing install…or so I’m told

HD and Ness Fairings are close to $300 and don’t come with mounting hardware.  I found this fairing on fleabay for $55 shipped, just needed a new mounting bracket…I think it’s originally for an older sportster.

Some aluminum sheeting I had laying around

scroll saw works great on aluminum

finished edges...used a pair of dividers to get the curves traced out and even before cutting

test fitted...mounts using the T-bar bolts

some finish work

someone stopped by to bring me lunch...speed holes drilled in mount

fairing bolted up to get a final test fit

Some self etching primer followed by black epoxy paint...

you can see the existing sheetmetal bracket which came with the fairing



Old Dyna pics continued…

Dirtbike pegs installed...yes they still pivot

Horn before

Horn after

Pinstripe countesy of Salty John

V&H HO Propipe, Ness Big Sucker intake, and Power Commander installed

Taillight removed...need to fill fender and paint

Cleaner without the horn cowbell stickin out

Pipe is too damn long for my tastes and riding style…when the 450 project is done, I’ll shorten it and make a new end cap.