More tank work

Forgot to take before pics of the piece of 20"x24" 16g, but it's pretty simple, cut it down on the shear to 17" long and took it over to the brake

Tunnel bent up...had to be this wide and square to fit over the retarded pressed sheetmetal Honda frame

Test fit and marked to be cut


Final test fit

Had to grind down the factory weld seam on the frame to the rear of the tank could sit lower

Welded up...hate welding sheet metal, guess I just need to get better at it

Final look...not gonna weld it up until we decide on a petcock and order the rubber mounts we need to mount the tank

Tomorrow we’ll probably make up a small tailsection/hump and cut out a seat pan if we have time. ¬†Lower shock mounts need to be moved forward 1″ as well to reduce some of the shock angle and give us a bit more clearance between the hoop/rear of the frame and the rear tire. ¬†Happy Thanksgiving everyone…

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