Statement of purpose…

Bootleg Fabrication…as of right now its nothing but a place to chronicle time spent working on and riding our motorcycles/bikes/cars/red ryder wagons. ¬†Sometimes there might be an occasional interjection having to do with my daily thought process. ¬†If you don’t like what you see, then don’t continue to look. If anyone has any tips/ideas/comments/concerns for the site or a project on it, feel free let me know…figuring it out as we go…Thanks.

My great grandfather in Germany…1930′s BMW 450

2 thoughts on “Statement of purpose…

  1. I’m diggin the grass roots fabrication going on..anybody can program a FlowJet or CNC, but real talent shows in what you can do with your hands.

    • Appreciate it bro…same to you…I got plenty to learn, but that’s half the fun. I’d say keep the rubber side down, but you Jeep guys seem to enjoy being upside down :)

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