Well the XS tank was good to go…or so we thought.  Andrew got the motor in and we quickly saw the tank just sits too low and hits the motor.  Lifting the tank up as much as need to clear the motor was just plain stupid looking.

The only pic we had of the XS tank on with the motor in...it's sitting on the valve cover now and would need to be raised over an inch to clear things


So we raided dad’s stash of bike parts and found an ’71 Ironhead tank off his project bike. At first I wasn’t sold on it, but it’s grown on me and we’re gonna use it.  Only drawback is it’s small to begin with and once we cut out the old tunnel and weld the new 4″ wide tunnel in, it will probably hold less than two gallons of gas…oh well.

Tank start

Managed to cut most of the tunnel out of the XS tank…tomorrow Andrew is gonna put the motor back in so we can find out where the tank needs to be.  Those are the stock shocks slapped on, just so the bike can be rolled around…pay no attention to the rusty pipe used to get a feel for how drag bars might look.

Should be getting a Harbor Freight table soon…so I wont have to lean this thing against the trash cans anymore.  The lower shock mount will be moved forward about 1.5″ to help reduce the shock angle…thinking about running a set of these no name air shocks off fleabay…anyone use ‘em before?  It seems you can get them anywhere from 11″ to 13.5″ long for $80-$100.

Updated 450 build…

Catching up on recent progress and trying to figure out this wordpress/blog/website stuff…



cut swingarm with 3" extension slugs machined out of 1.250" cold rolled round stock

welded up

new stance....tank just setting there...needs new tunnel to fit


motor dropped....rear subframe chopped...(photo flipped to compare original stance to the new look in the picture above)

new rear hoop tacked into place

wheels and forks pulled

side "panels" mocked up

trimmed, welded, and cleaned up

left side

rear view

finished side view...not sure about it, might cut it all off...have to wait until I get the chassis back together



extra stuff

wiring harness labeled and removed


Fork rebuild and lowering 2"

after said lowering of forks

I found this 1982 Honda CM450C on craigslist for $100.  Got her home, cleaned out the carbs and aired up the tires.  Fired up and she ran for about 30 minutes before the carbs loaded back up with crap.  At least I know the tranny, clutch, and engine all work like they should.  See beginning pic below…